ABOMINABLOOD - abomination continues DigiCD


ABOMINABLOOD - abomination continues DigiCD

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deep satanic death the primitive way from argentina, 9 new blasphemic assaults


  1. Intro - Inverted Triangle Formation
  2. Pentagram of the Seven Dimension
  3. Black Reverend
  4. PZZU (Sacrifice and Transmutation)
  5. The Influence of Kali - Ma Sacrament (Intrelude)
  6. Beast of Another World (TSHUP AKLATHEP)
  7. Funeral Doctrine (The Antichrist Pride)
  8. Cult of Abomination
  9. Knell and Bathed in Blood of the Earthly Karmas (Outro)

Playtime: 32:02

Releasedate: 2018

Label: Ablaze Productions (ABP098)

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