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AXIA - pulverizer CD


AXIA - pulverizer CD

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First full length of this Portuguese band filled with 21 songs of intense and blistering grindcore with some metal influences feat. members of THE OMINOUS CIRCLE, HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL or GRUNT, This is a must have for fans of NASUM, NAPALM DEATH, LOCK UP, ROTTEN SOUND, GADGET, ANTIGAMA or even MESHUGGAH.


  1. Mass Suicide
  2. Fade Into Nothing
  3. Still Unresolved
  4. In Shameful Skins
  5. This is the Sound of Death
  6. The Filth
  7. Absence of Light
  8. Normative
  9. Posthumous
  10. Forward Leads Nowhere
  11. Vultures
  12. From Here To Eternity
  13. Shattering Glass
  14. Another Black Day
  15. Compulsive Lying Disorder
  16. A Deteriorated Vision
  17. Not There Yet!
  18. It Still Clicks (I Hope You Die)
  19. Means To An End...
  20. As Above So Below
  21. Self-Inflicted Obsolescence

Playtime: 32:05

Releasedate: 2018

Label: Selfmadegod Records (SMG202)

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