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BUTCHER ABC - north of hell CD


BUTCHER ABC - north of hell CD

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The long awaited first full album from this cult Japanese band existing since 1994. 11 tracks of post-apocalyptic putrid gory grinding death metal. Includes Butcher Analtoshit of legendary CLOTTED SYMMETRIC SEXUAL ORGAN (C.S.S.O). This is a must have for fans of GENERAL SURGERY, early CARCASS, DEAD INFECTION, EXHUMED.


  1. Join Us...
  2. House of Meats
  3. Nuclear Death
  4. Maximum Rotting Corpse
  5. Morbid Angel of Death
  6. Death in Hell
  7. Darkness in the Dark
  8. Vice
  9. ABC Butchers Co., Ltd.
  10. Death by Napalm
  11. North of Hell

Playtime: 38:59

Releasedate: 2018

Label: Selfmadegod Records (SMG208)

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