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CLITEATER - the great southern clitkill CD


CLITEATER - the great southern clitkill CD

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their 4th effort feat. their strongest songwriting & tons of rockin´ grind smashers, after METALLICA, S.O.D. & DEATH, it is PANTERA to get a "grind makeover" within the albumtitle. great coverartwork by Luisma (HAEMORRHAGE) capturing once again perfect the bands special sense of humour!So stay loyal to the clits, eat meat, listen to brutal musick, smoke hand rolled tabacco, drink beer & and of curse: get your own southern clitkill !!!


  1. Now I Lay Me Down to Cheat
  2. Crime Scene Cleaner
  3. Daryl Rhea
  4. F.F. (Fuckin' Faggot)
  5. I Hypochondriac
  6. The Great Southern Clitkill
  7. Cellar Dweller
  8. La Bestia
  9. Fred Shipman (A Sick Man)
  10. Saturday Night Beaver
  11. Gruntlichkeit
  12. Glory Hole
  13. In-Diana Jones
  14. Family Ties
  15. Positive Aspects of Collective Chaos (Part IV)
  16. Knoxville Horror Mutilations
  17. BTS (Biomedical Tissue Services)

Playtime: 32:41

Releasedate: 2010

Label: War Anthem Records (WAR038CD)

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