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DEBRIDEMENT - vomited forth from the earth MCD


DEBRIDEMENT - vomited forth from the earth MCD

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Debridement is a one man project from Coleraine, Northern Ireland.
The man behind the band is Connor (Oncology). This is Debridement’s second release.
Debridement plays downtuned blasting guttural hyper groove
“Vomited Forth from the Earth” consists of seven tracks (22 minutes), one being a Mortician cover.
The EP also has four guest vocal spots: Chris (Kastrated/Crepitation), Geoff (Oncology),
Darren (Warpath/Ire) and John (ex-Brodequin/Liturgy A.D)


  1. Baptised in Colorectal Juice (Farewell to the Slop)
  2. Full on Fallopian Fungus
  3. Screwdriver Cranial Penetration
  4. The Worst of Smells
  5. Meat Clever Fever
  6. Vomited Forth from the Earth
  7. Dead and Buried (Mortician cover)

Playtime: 21:58

Releasedate: 2017

Label: Rotten Roll Records (RR073)

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