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DYING FETUS - grotesque impalement DigiCD


DYING FETUS - grotesque impalement DigiCD

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re-release of the long time sold out cult mcd with 3 previously unreleased bonus tracks & linernotes,fotos from the band


  1. Grotesque Impalement
  2. Streaks of Blood (Baphomet cover)
  3. Bringing Back the Glory (Next Step Up cover)
  4. Tearing Inside the Womb
  5. Final Scream (Prelude to Evil: Davey's Nightmare)
  6. Hail Mighty North/Forest Trolls of Satan (Anno Clitoris 666 Opus II)
  7. Reduced to Slavery
  8. Purged of My Worldly Being
  9. Dumpster Love

Releasedate: 2011

Label: Relapse Records (RR7132)

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