EGEMONY - baptism of the unborn CD


EGEMONY - baptism of the unborn CD

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9x brutal death metal from italy- in the vein of PUTRID PILE, INSIDIOUS DECREPANCY & GORGASM+2bonustracks


  1. Soul's Transmigration
  2. Blasphemous Flesh Creation
  3. The Horrors of Omega
  4. Law of Karmic Retribution
  5. Obsessing the Infidel
  6. Illusions of Blood and Flesh
  7. Ten Kings Judgement
  8. Baptysm of the Unborn
  9. Prophets of Incoming Disgust
  10. Abominated Hierarchy (Septycal Gorge cover, Bonus track)
  11. Guttural Orgy (Keepers of the Unity) (Bonus track)

Playtime: 37:01:00

Releasedate: 2008

Label: Nice to Eat You/Sevared (NTEY028)

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