ENCOFFINATION - necros obscuritas CD


ENCOFFINATION - necros obscuritas CD

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ep & split collection incl. some unreleased track from the us death doom entity - fierce stuff


  1. Nefarious, Yet Elegant are the Bowels of Hell
  2. Indulgence of the Chalice
  3. Unrepentant Indifference to the False Evangel
  4. Inurnment of Fleshless Disembodied Remains
  5. Washed and Buried
  6. Elegance Above Flesh
  7. Deathless Genesis
  8. Gaunt and Sallow
  9. Portals
  10. Hear Me, O' Death
  11. A.M.E.N. (Live)
  12. Untitled (Live)

Playtime: 01:11:04

Releasedate: 2017

Label: Selfmadegod (SMG148)

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