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EVIL WARRIORS - fall from reality DigiCD


EVIL WARRIORS - fall from reality DigiCD

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WAR ANTHEM RECORDS is proud to announce the signing of Leipzig /Germany based black metal entity EVIL WARRIORS. The band is the oldest still raging entity in the undying circle of Into Endless Chaos from Leipzig. Aggressive, harsh and bloody, enchanting, profound and possessed are just a few words to describe their kind of haunting black metal. After ten years of reaching for the unholy stars of insanity they are still hungry to ascend into their realms and fall from reality once and for all. Follow them on a journey of mania and passion, idleness and doom to find your reincarnation in the excess of the stars


  1. fall from reality
  2. excess
  3. pillow of cold water
  4. reincarnation
  5. idleness and doom
  6. mania and passion
  7. worthless wretch
  8. all the stars

Playtime: 46:35

Releasedate: 2018

Label: War Anthem Records (WAR081CD)

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