FETO IN FETUS - from blessing to violence CD


FETO IN FETUS - from blessing to violence CD

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The third full length of this Polish band playing brutal death/grind with slam parts and bone-crushing breakdowns. Lyrically it's all about pathological deviation, serial killers and various methods of taking someones life. "From Blessing To Violence" will definitely appeal for fans of SUFFOCATION, NAPALM DEATH, LOCK UP, ABORTED, CEPHALIC CARNAGE, VOMITORY, CATTLE DECAPITATION, DEVOURMENT.


  1. The Order to Destroy
  2. Devour My Entrails
  3. Wake Up and Die
  4. Under the Sign of the Debauchery
  5. Vomiting the Purulent Acrimony
  6. From Blessing to Violence
  7. Buried Alive
  8. Impact on Memory
  9. Book of Blood
  10. Cursed
  11. Evil Will Seek You Out
  12. The Vanished Land
  13. Martyr Annihilation
  14. Say - Ten Victims
  15. Bind, Torture and Kill
  16. The Human Way Is Violence and Death
  17. Hate with a Passion
  18. Corpse of the Beyond

Playtime: 34:00

Releasedate: 2018

Label: Selfmadegod Records (SMG207)

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