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FREAKHATE - it comes from the grave CD


FREAKHATE - it comes from the grave CD

Art. Nr.: 200978
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spain's vile, twisted beasts with 9 utterly disgusting death/doom tracks


  1. It Comes From The Grave
  2. Infected Flesh Decomposition
  3. Lords Of The Alcoholocaust
  4. Abomination Embalmed In Beer
  5. Keep The Cult Of The Crypt Alive
  6. Drunk And Buried
  7. Coffin Worm
  8. 3l Of Whiskey & A Dead Bitch
  9. Alcohol, Crack And Corpse For Satan

Playtime: 50:22:00

Releasedate: 2009

Label: Horror Pain Gore Death/He (HPGD015)

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