HAEMOPHAGUS - atrocious CD


HAEMOPHAGUS - atrocious CD

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das 2te album der horror death grind freaks aus italien, für freunde von GRUESOME STUFF RELISH & IMPETIGO


  1. Intro
  2. Partying at the Grave
  3. Atrocious
  4. Exaltation for a Dying Victim
  5. Dismal Apparition
  6. Ice Cold Prey
  7. Surgeon of Immortality (Alfredo Salafia)
  8. Siege of the Murderous Beasts
  9. Swollen with Parasites
  10. Naked in the Snow
  11. Choked on a Cadaver's Dick
  12. The Honourable Society of Black Sperm
  13. From the Sunken Citadel...

Playtime: 39:32

Releasedate: 2014

Label: Razorback Records (RR77)

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