HAEMORRHAGE - we are the gore CD


HAEMORRHAGE - we are the gore CD

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spain´s most notorious gorehounds are back with a blast, beware of the pathologists!!!!


  1. Nauseating Employments
  2. Gore Gourmet
  3. We Are the Gore
  4. Transporting Cadavers
  5. Bathed in Bile
  6. The Cremator’s Song
  7. Medical Maniacs
  8. Forensick Squad
  9. Gynecrologist
  10. Miss Phlebotomy
  11. C.S.C. (Crime Scene Cleaners)
  12. Prosector’s Revenge
  13. Organ Trader
  14. Intravenous Molestation of the Obstructionist Arteries (O-Pus VII)
  15. Artifacts of the Autopsy

Playtime: 37:49

Releasedate: 2017

Label: Relapse Records (RR7388)

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