HALPHAS - dawn of a crimson empire DigiCD


HALPHAS - dawn of a crimson empire DigiCD

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Halphas was founded in 2014 by Tempestas (Drums, also NOCTURNAL / CROSS VAULT), Thurstan (Guit.), Forcas (Bass) and Legatus (Vocals), focused on the creation of uncompromising, original black metal, characterized by epic melodies, catchy mid-tempo passages and brachial but also multifaceted vocals. The songs are about death, hatred, pain and dark desires. The eternal struggle and the inner striving for strength are a central lyrical theme.


  1. Summoning
  2. Call from the Depths
  3. Through the Forest
  4. Sword of the Necromancer
  5. FMD
  6. Malice
  7. Damnation of the Weak
  8. Empire

Playtime: 48:48

Releasedate: 2017

Label: Folter Records (FR109)

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