ILLUM ADORA - ...of serpentine forces CD


ILLUM ADORA - ...of serpentine forces CD

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German traditional Black Metal Band ILLUM ADORA attack with their debut album "...of Serpentine Forces"
The band is ready to unleash their first album unto mankind. Hurricane Hellfukker (vocals,ZARATHUSTRA) created with the help of Mortüüm (drums, COUNTESS), Shargaz Isidor (all guitars) and Jormundgand (bass) a tribute to the 1990s Black Metal, playing their very own interpretation of how it has to sound. It appeared to be a 9-track debut album with a running time of 41 minutes of varied and atmospheric music that serves the old purposes of the ancient underground scene


  1. Dominions of Spheres Beyond
  2. Clashing of Swords
  3. Forever Dying but Never Dead
  4. ...of Serpentine Forces
  5. Nihil Negativum
  6. Hic Sunt Dracones
  7. Slaves to Existence
  8. Under the Iron of the Moon
  9. Tiusche Man in Wieße Thorn

Playtime: 40:45

Releasedate: 2019

Label: Folter Records (FR117)

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