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INQUISITION - magnificent glorification of lucifer DigiCD


INQUISITION - magnificent glorification of lucifer DigiCD

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3rd album ritualistic blasphemous black metal from u.s.-with 2 bonustracks


  1. Baptized in Black Goat Blood
  2. Crush the Jewish Prophet
  3. Under the Black Inverted Pentagram
  4. Of Blood and Darkness We Are Born
  5. Dark Mutilation Rites
  6. Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer
  7. Impaled by the Cryptic Horns of Baphomet
  8. We Summon the Winds of Fire (For the Burning of All Holiness)
  9. Eternal Loyalty to Our Lord Satan
  10. Within the Red Hellfire We Burn
  11. May the Rays of a Fullmoon Shine upon Us
  12. Outro

Playtime: 59:59

Releasedate: 2015

Label: Season of Mist (SOM339D)

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