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ISKANDR - euprosopon DigiCD


ISKANDR - euprosopon DigiCD

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Iskandr is heathen black metal from dutch soil, "Euprosopon" aims to evoke heroic medieval symbolism, while taking musical
cues mainly from Norwegian classics such as Enslaved's “Eld”, the “Dark Sorcery EP” by Aeternus and “...Again Shall Be” by Hades, to enrich it's already established style and sound. Supported by the session drums and production assistance of M. Koops of Fluisteraars, Euprosopon surely will be seen as a definite leap in an attempt to chart a path of noble and austere black metal art. Euprosopon consists of four tracks, clocking a respectable fourty-five minutes. Battle scarred and worn, the tortured vocals tell, in four cuts respectfully; of defiance in the face of mortal odds, impermanence of kingly might, banishment under pain of
death and the resurgence of a new age. The informed listener will detect in the music an increased complexity in composition, range and atmospheric elements. Coupled with an increased clarity in sound while retaining a natural and uncompromising outlook familiar for those who are aware of the previous output of the Haeresis Noviomagi circle, this record will certainly demonstrate the heights this project is yearning to reach,


  1. Vlakte
  2. Regnum
  3. Verban
  4. Heriwaltrn

Playtime: 44:44

Releasedate: 2018

Label: Eisenwald Tonschmiede (Eisen133)

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