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LIBIDO AIRBAG - testosterone zone CD


LIBIDO AIRBAG - testosterone zone CD

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only for the hardest, electro porn grind galore mit 17 neuen attacken


  1. Demonic Twerking (Intro)
  2. Testosterone Zone
  3. Dildo Throne
  4. Sacrificial Smegma Seance
  5. Frostbitten Gloryhole
  6. Into The Vulva Vortex
  7. Sadomasochistic Gas Mask Goat
  8. Curse Of The Vagina Guru
  9. The Asshole Whisperer
  10. Blood Orgy In The Crypt Of Transsexual Cheerleaders
  11. Methodist Meth-Merise
  12. Apocalyptic Anus Artillery
  13. Shemale Siege At Sodom
  14. Crusade For The Caviar Cave
  15. Cum Soaked Altar Of The Tampon Beast
  16. Blasphemic Threesome At The Tear Gassed Terror Temple
  17. Urinal Usurper

Playtime: 37:35

Releasedate: 2013

Label: Rotten Roll Rex (RRR038)

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