MEGASCAVENGER - as dystopia beckons CD


MEGASCAVENGER - as dystopia beckons CD

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diesmal sind an bord mitgleider von Fleshcrawl, ex-Bolt Thrower, Entrails, Loch Vostok, The Grotesquery, Crypticus & Sinister...


  1. Rotting Domain
  2. The Machine That Turns Humans into Slop
  3. Dead City
  4. As the Last Day Has Passed
  5. The Hell That Is in This World
  6. Dead Rotting and Exposed
  7. Steel Through Flesh Extravaganza
  8. The Harrowing of Hell
  9. As Dystopia Beckons

Playtime: 31:18

Releasedate: 2016

Label: Selfmadegod Records (SMG147)

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