NASTY SURGEONS - infectious stench CD


NASTY SURGEONS - infectious stench CD

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2nd album by this spanish band featuring members from MISTWEAVER & MASS BURIAL that plays a Gore Death/ Grind devoted to the heaviest side of bands like old CARCASS, NECRONY, EXHUMED, THE COUNTY MEDICAL EXAMINERS, GENERAL SURGERY...


  1. Ex Putrefactione Generati
  2. Smell the Carcass
  3. Infectious Stench
  4. Subdural Haematoma
  5. Impaled Crucified and Beheaded
  6. Forensic Necrophilia
  7. The Lobotomist
  8. In Pieces
  9. Mouth to Anus
  10. Infernal Bacterial Infection
  11. Dr Death

Playtime: 39:08

Releasedate: 2018

Label: Xtreem Music (XM261CD)

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