OBITUARY - ten thousand ways to die CD


OBITUARY - ten thousand ways to die CD

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2 new songs inkl. 12 live tracks of classic performances


  1. Loathe
  2. Ten Thousand Ways to Die
  3. Redneck Stomp (live, The Mayan, Los Angeles)
  4. Centuries of Lie (live, The Masquerade, Atlanta)
  5. Visions in My Head (live, Baltimore Soundstage, Baltimore)
  6. Intoxicated (live, Revolution Center, Boise)
  7. Bloodsoaked (live, Irving Plaza, New York)
  8. Dying (live, Metro, Chicago)
  9. Find the Arise (live, Opera House, Toronto)
  10. 'Til Death (live, House of Blues, San Diego)
  11. Don't Care (live, Club Red, Phoenix)
  12. Chopped in Half / Turned Inside Out (live, The Ritz Ybor, Tampa)
  13. Slowly We Rot (live, Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale)

Playtime: 54:40

Releasedate: 2016

Label: Relapse Records (RR7364)

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