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PURGATORY - necromantaeon CD


PURGATORY - necromantaeon CD

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the death metal machine from germany is back! with this beast of an album we deliver you blasphemy of the highest order! 35 min displaying 9 morbid, old school death metal hymns perfect to literally kick your rotten face in & leave you shred to pieces. pure evil, energetic & merciless. it totally sounds like an unholy spawn out of the relentless brutality of polish death metal commando VADER & the mighty devilish atmosphere of almighty INCANTATION. expect some of the fastest blastbeat drumming & most crushing guitar riffing that ever reached your earlobe. hail darkness! hail chaos! hail death! out now


  1. Arrival of the Undivine
  2. Reaping the Diseased
  3. Where Darkness Reigns
  4. Glorification of the Lightbearer
  5. Downwards into Unlight
  6. Scourging Blasphemies
  7. Calling the Grand Destroyers
  8. Necromantaeon
  9. The Collapse of Tides

Playtime: 32:31

Releasedate: 2011

Label: War Anthem Records (WAR 035 CD)

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