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RAZORRAPE - revenge of the hermaphrodite whores CD


RAZORRAPE - revenge of the hermaphrodite whores CD

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2nd attack from the swedish duo 13x demented & filthy gore/grind tracks with pig squeals to blood gurgling grunts that gives this album a varied sound enjoyment blasts & grooves take turns in each song-not for the weak!


  1. Triple Cock Buttfuck
  2. Castration by Children
  3. Shemale Snuff Scatorgy
  4. Bukkake Suicide
  5. Rabid Shemale Rape Squad
  6. Pre-Teen Swinger Sexparty
  7. Pigtail Bitch Piss Pleasure
  8. Three on a Meathook
  9. Revenge of the Hermaphrodite Whores
  10. Diarrhea Bucket
  11. Kaviar Creampie
  12. Beautiful Girl Hunter
  13. Foreskin Facemask

Playtime: 32:51

Releasedate: 2012

Label: Rotten Roll Records (RRR029)

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