RAZORRAPE - stripped to kill CD


RAZORRAPE - stripped to kill CD

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Swedish death/gore grinders RazorRape returns after 3 years with their fourth album "Stripped To Kill".
Recorded and produced by the band, the new album contains 14 songs that will leave you dead in the pit with a broken neck.
Some of the tracks to appear are "Embalmed in Entrails", "Flesh of the Blade", "Ferocious Emasculation" and "Crawling In the Sewers".
Artwork was done by Robert Zimmermann from Illustrious. The album was recorded and mixed by guitarrist David Mauritzon.
Prepare for the bands most brutal album to date


  1. Crawling in the Sewers
  2. Blood Shower
  3. Stripped to Kill
  4. Ferocious Emasculation
  5. Face Removal Machine
  6. Choked and Soaked
  7. Clitoris Cheese Slicer
  8. Flesh of the Blade
  9. Eaten by a Snake
  10. Butchered by a Pig
  11. Slammed and Bodybagged
  12. Embalmed in Entrails
  13. Human Meat Grinder
  14. Body Filled with Maggots

Releasedate: 2018

Label: Rotten Roll Rex (RRR111)

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