S.M.E.S. / E.F.R.O. - split CD


S.M.E.S. / E.F.R.O. - split CD

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"Rot Rot, Jut Jut" VS. "Piss Soaked Pussy and Ass"!!!!

S.M.E.S. = 10 Songs, feinster Cybergrind/Nintendo-Sound/Porn-Goregrind!
E.F.R.O. = 9 Songs, feinster Cybergrind/Porn/Goregrind mit Brutal Death/Slam Einflüssen, heftig!

Diese Split CD ist schmutzig, krank, perfekt für alle geistesgestörten Freaks da draussen!


  1. S.M.E.S.: Skunk Backfire
  2. Your God Is An Imaginary Dictator
  3. Rot Rot, Jut Jut
  4. M-Oral Cry-M
  5. Stretch A Snatch
  6. Miss Hurricane Is A Good Name For A Hot Rod, But Not For The Title Of A Song, Or I Would Have Called This That, Obviously
  7. Portable Extortable
  8. A Gran Slam
  9. Mac And Sleaze
  10. For Sake Of The Take
  11. E.F.R.O.: Pulsating Labia Pissing In Pampers
  12. Nipple Worship & The Lust For Lactation
  13. Omutsu Onanizer
  14. Urinating Teenage Cameltoe Cunnilingus
  15. Duo Dildo Diaper Squad
  16. Piss Soaked Pussy & Ass
  17. Orgasm Soaked Omorashi Torture Terror
  18. Where Girls Never Learn To Potty
  19. BBW Panty Poop Face Smothering

Playtime: 38:33

Releasedate: 201

Label: Splatter Zombie Records (SZR022)

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