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SIKFUK / E.F.R.O. - split CD


SIKFUK / E.F.R.O. - split CD

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"Feacl Fuck Stick split" - awesome collaboration between americas sickest fuck, SIKFUK, and the nastiest maniac from canada, E.F.R.O.!!

killer mix of different genres: gore/porn/grind/slam, you get it all on this stinky split, don`t miss it!!!


  1. Sikfuk: Poop Packed Pussy
  2. Shit Covered Dildo
  3. Track Pants Poo Sack
  4. Shit Limp
  5. Scatman…The Oozing and Crusting of the Brown Knight
  6. Ploptimus Prime, Bunghole Bee
  7. Graveyard Poop…Shittin on the Dead
  8. Pee Holes/Skene Glands (Assclownery)
  9. E.F.R.O.: Squirting Milk Enema (Feat. Creamy Anal Pie)
  10. Defecation During Anal Sex (Feat. Toxicologist)
  11. Domina Diarrhea Face Smothering (Feat. S.M.E.S.)
  12. Feculent Feeding Tube Slut Fantasy (Feat. NxPxH + Creamy Anal Pie)
  13. Induced Bowel Evacuation (Feat. Toxicologist)
  14. Lesbian Femdom Coprophagia (Feat. Clitorape)
  15. Licking and Sucking All of the Leftover Excrement (Feat. Toxicologist)
  16. Pig Bitches that Eat Shit & Puke (Feat. Toxicologist)
  17. Self Fisting Butt Slut (Feat. Anal Sausages)

Playtime: 35:37

Releasedate: 2015

Label: Splatter Zombie Records (SZR012)

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