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SINISTER - the carnage ending Lim.DigiDCD


SINISTER - the carnage ending Lim.DigiDCD

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10 neue songs der holländischen death metal legende inkl. bonus cd mit 5 coverversion u.a. WHIPLASH, POSSESSED....


  1. Gates Of Bloodshed (Intro)
  2. Unheavenly Domain
  3. Transylvania (City Of The Damned)
  4. My Casual Enemy
  5. Crown Of Thorns
  6. The Carnage Ending
  7. Oath Of Rebirth
  8. Regarding The Imagery
  9. Blood Ecstacy
  10. Defamatory Content
  11. Final Destroyer
  12. Bonus Disc:
  13. Spit On Your Grave (Whiplash Cover)
  14. Succubus (Massacre Cover)
  15. Swing Of The Axe (Possessed Cover)
  16. Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost Cover)
  17. Face Fate (Bloodfeast Cover)

Releasedate: 2012

Label: Massacre Records (MAS DP0776)

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