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MUNG, THE - showering in shit MCD


MUNG, THE - showering in shit MCD

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the aussie are back with 8 fresh songs in their trademark southern gore/slam style-big grooves,wet vocals & a hell of a fun listen sit back, take drugs & let THE MUNG fuck your ears


  1. I Sprogged in My Dog and Pulled Out a Chocolate Log
  2. Herpes and Hepatitis Handover
  3. Post-Op Cock Slop
  4. Pee on Me, Amputee
  5. Beating Up Babies in Bondage
  6. Giving My Sisters the Love Blisters
  7. Crappy Nappies Make Me Happy
  8. Pack-Fucked by Ponies

Playtime: 16:55

Releasedate: 2012

Label: Rotten Roll Records (RRR032)

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