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POSTMORTEM - the bowls of wrath CD


POSTMORTEM - the bowls of wrath CD

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beware of the new onslaught!!! - POSTMORTEM is delivering an album that brings back the delightful immature spirit of thrash with extra melody and perfect progression. A true german legend is back! For fans of Testament, Exodus, Coroner and Asphyx!


  1. Until The Screamings Died
  2. Pagan God
  3. Hate Covers Hate
  4. Oops!...I Killed Again
  5. Bowls Of Wrath
  6. Among The Dead
  7. Doomsday Killer
  8. Nothing Last Forever
  9. Blood Of The Warrn

Playtime: 42:35

Releasedate: 2014

Label: War Anthem Records (WAR064CD)

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