TANATOSSIS - the darkest reflections CD


TANATOSSIS - the darkest reflections CD

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3rd album by this spanish thrash metal band that plays a fresh varied style influenced by METALLICA, TESTAMENT, SEPULTURA, THE HAUNTED, KREATOR, AT THE GATES & SLAYER


  1. The Fall of the Fifth Sun
  2. The Cholera of the World
  3. Addicted to Violence
  4. Nuclear Waste
  5. Endless Fright
  6. Light of my Darkness
  7. Fucking Life Goes On
  8. Mountain of Water
  9. Acid in my Arteries
  10. Torturer’s Lullaby
  11. Oscura Pasion

Playtime: 52:46:00

Releasedate: 2010

Label: Xtreem Music (XM084CD)

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