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VULTURE LORD - blasphemous exorcisms DigiCD


VULTURE LORD - blasphemous exorcisms DigiCD

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Full title: Vulture Lord's Blasphemous Exorcisms - The Rare and Unreleased - The Years of Nefas

Limited deluxe digipak with 16-page booklet (including rare pictures, lyrics, some information about the band, songs and some notes from Sorath Northgrove).


  1. Bloodstained Ritualknives
  2. Awakening the Warhorde
  3. Lord of Vice (Deliverance cover)
  4. Storming with Vengeance
  5. The Rite of Satan
  6. Blodhevn
  7. Churchburner
  8. Disciple of Death
  9. Deathfuck
  10. Prelude to the Second Holocause
  11. Unholy Bloodlust
  12. Storming with Vengeance
  13. Hark! The Hymns of War
  14. Riding the Demon
  15. Riding the Demon (Rehearsal)

Releasedate: 2014

Label: Black Saw Records (BSR040)

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