FLUISTERAARS / TURIA - de oord split LP


FLUISTERAARS / TURIA - de oord split LP

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Under the bannder "De Oord" both bands display a development of the experimental, psychedelic side of their music. This element has always been present; however, this release provided the opportunity to let it shine brighter than ever.
Where Fluisteraars' side, entitled “Oeverloos”, offers a majestic
dirgelike epos ending in a monumental crescendo, Turia's track “Aan den Golven der Aarde Geofferd” takes the listener on a harrowing voyage into the depths beneath.
Lyrically, the thematic unity of the project is clearly articulated.
Writing in Dutch, both bands develop a narrative that metaphorically traces the rivers and waterways from wellspring to the depths of the sea; from the tranquillity and natural order of the landscape to the turmoil below the surface. The everlasting flow washes away all traces of what once stood tall and proud
, lim. black vinyl 500 copies + downlaodcode


  1. Oeverloos (Fluisteraars)
  2. Aan den Golven der Aarde Geofferd (Turia)

Playtime: 32:47

Releasedate: 2018

Label: Eisenwald Tonschmiede (Eisen13$)

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