NILE - what should not be unearthed DLP


NILE - what should not be unearthed DLP

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lim. gatefold double vinyl, black coloured incl. etched d-side


  1. Call to Destruction
  2. Negating the Abominable Coils of Apep
  3. Liber Stellae - Rubaeae
  4. In the Name of Amun
  5. What Should Not Be Unearthed
  6. Evil to Cast Out Evil
  7. Age of Famine
  8. Ushabti Reanimator
  9. Rape of the Black Earth
  10. To Walk Forth from Flames Unscathed

Playtime: 50:03

Releasedate: 2015

Label: Nuclear Blast Records (27361 33341)

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