NOCTURNAL BREED - the whiskey tapes germany LP


NOCTURNAL BREED - the whiskey tapes germany LP

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cool compilation of unreleased material by these norwegian necrothrashers, lim. black vinyl


  1. Intro - Splinter-Day (Video Intro - Fields of Rot) (German exclusive)
  2. Metal Church (Previously unreleased)
  3. I'm Alive (Org Keyboard Version) (Previously unreleased; 1997) (W.A.S.P. cover)
  4. Miss Misery (Previously unreleased)
  5. Evil Dead (R.I.P. Evil Chuck Edit 2011) (10th anniversary of Chuck's death) (Death cover)
  6. Under The Blade (Alternate mix) (Twisted Sister cover)
  7. Ballcusher (Raw mix)
  8. Metal Thrashing Mad (Experimental mix)
  9. Dead Dominions (The Hour of Death Is At Hand) (Short edit)
  10. Killernecro (Ubernecro version)
  11. Barbed Wire Death (Demo 1998) (Previously unreleased)
  12. No Retreat... No Surrender (Speed Metal Legions version)
  13. Rape The Angels (Rehearsal September 1997)
  14. Maggot Master (Experimental studio demo) (German exclusive)
  15. The Artillery Command (Alternate mix) (German exclusive)
  16. Alcoholic Rites (Experimental studio raw mix) (German exclusive)

Playtime: 01:00:40

Releasedate: 2018

Label: Folter Records (FR111LP)

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