RIPPED TO SHREDS - demon scriptures MLP bone EXCLUSIVE


RIPPED TO SHREDS - demon scriptures MLP bone EXCLUSIVE

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The latest Californian buzzsaw assailment RIPPED TO SHREDS follows up with a new EP after the highly acclaimed debut full-length last year. Demon Scriptures” sees the band morphing into a more vicious Hm-2 machine while purposefully weaving Chinese horror & folklore tales with a fresh retrospective.

Taking a huge chunk of influences from Swedish Death Metal pioneers, RIPPED TO SHREDS have stayed true to the nuances of ugly rotting Death Metal with a befitting production helmed at Subterranean Watchtower by Damian Herring (Horrendous, Blood Incantation, Sentient Horror, etc), backed by a grotesquely spellbinding artwork by Velio Josto (Nunslaughter, Cruel Force, Vulture, etc).

lim. bone coloured vinyl to 100 copies EXCLUSIVE TO CUDGEL VERTRIEB


  1. In Mourning
  2. Pseudoelixir
  3. Nine Familial Exterminations
  4. Sun Moon Holy Cult Part 1

Playtime: 18:56

Releasedate: 2019

Label: Pulverised Records (ASH163EP)

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