THRONUM VRONDOR - ichor (the rebellion) LP black


THRONUM VRONDOR - ichor (the rebellion) LP black

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Belgian misanthropists THRONUM VRONDOR recreates yet another incisive record that dwells heavily on world-ending and mortifying Black Metal with “Ichor (The Rebellion). Draped in unforgiving riffs that screams discordance, the group’s third full-length album is by no means easy listening. The deplorable howls of SvN perfectly illustrates the apocalyptic nature of THRONUM VRONDOR; disease, plague, murder, wrath, torment, death are inevitable!

For fans of Abigor, Beastcraft and Sargeist, etc

lim to 300 copies in Black vinyl


  1. The Well
  2. A Symbol Of Acrimony
  3. Ceremony Of Atonement
  4. Ichor (The Rebellion)
  5. Diety
  6. ...And Then The Fall
  7. Vision Of The Seven Tombs
  8. Doom Upon Doom...
  9. The Last Specs Of A Dying Light

Playtime: 37:49

Releasedate: 2019

Label: Pulverised Records (ASH152LP)

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