UNDER THE CHURCH - supernatural punishment LP black


UNDER THE CHURCH - supernatural punishment LP black

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the second curse by this swedish death horde,
With a revamped line-up consisting of members Erik Wahlin from the recently resurrected Merciless, former Morbid axeman Marcus Klack and also featuring the voice of Erik Sahlström (General Surgery, Crucifyre, etc), this has inevitably strengthened the force of UNDER THE CHURCH being a more cohesive unit as well as with their relentless live performances. "Supernatural Punishment" is undoubtedly the most diverse UNDER THE CHURCH record to date but still keeping that razor-sharp Swedish Death Metal attack done the right way.

black vinyl lim to 300 copies


  1. The Stygian Horror
  2. Supernatural Punishment
  3. Ancient Ritual
  4. Staircase to Hell
  5. Vitalizing Funeral
  6. The Death of Innocence
  7. Crypt of Pelvises
  8. Wretched Disfigurement
  9. Silence of the Shadows

Playtime: 30:04

Releasedate: 2018

Label: Pulverised Records (ASH150LP)

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