WHIPSTRIKER - seven inches of hell DLP


WHIPSTRIKER - seven inches of hell DLP

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gatefold black vinyl compilation der sieben zoll discography der brasilianer


  1. Hell Fire, Hell Fire
  2. Cruel Savagery
  3. Black Rose Killz
  4. Viver e Morrer No Subterraneo
  5. Queen of the Iron Whip
  6. Denied Messiah
  7. Seeds of Torments
  8. Born to Spread the Mayhemic Loudness
  9. Start the Warcollapse
  10. Stand Up and Be Counted (Venom cover)
  11. Burned Alive
  12. Worshippers of Death
  13. Bombstorm
  14. Outlaw Rules
  15. The Excess
  16. Loudman
  17. Dead on Arrival
  18. Cop's Victim
  19. No Surrender, No Surrender
  20. Dead Future
  21. Fast Rape Before the War
  22. Skill to Destroy
  23. Never Leave This War
  24. Ripping Corpses in the Way
  25. Sweet Torment
  26. Anguish of War

Playtime: 01:11:57

Releasedate: 2016

Label: Folter Records (FR087LP)

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