CANTIQUE LEPREUX - paysages polaires LP


CANTIQUE LEPREUX - paysages polaires LP

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Inspired by the frost-bitten regions of Quebec, the title of Cantique Lepreuxs second full-length directly translates to polar landscapes, exploring a recurring theme of the icy wilderness which makes up the majority of the bands homeland.

Musically, Paysages polaires continues the nostalgic path laid out with the frosty, archaic tunes from the bands debut album as the record carves itself into another 45-minutes of darkness, misery and gloom. Cold black metal for the ages, Paysages polaires stirring anthems with a sharper and more direct songwriting approach lead the way throughout the sophomore albums seven hypothermic tracks.

Based on fast and atmospheric black metal, Paysages polaires balances between beautiful and harsh dirges in combination with the conceptual middle trifold of songs based around the North American winter. The passionate Quebecois carry a secret fire of stellar splendor as Cantique Lepreux reveals a wild black metal monument set in ice and stone. "

180g black vinyl + poster & downloadcard


  1. Le feu secret
  2. Les étoiles endeuillées
  3. Paysages polaires I
  4. Paysages polaires II
  5. Paysages polaires III
  6. Hélas...
  7. Le fléau

Playtime: 45:34

Releasedate: 2018

Label: Eisenwald Tonschmiede (Eisen135)

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