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OBITUARY - inked in blood CD+Schuber


OBITUARY - inked in blood CD+Schuber

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massiv und ohne gnade tönt der 9te longplayer der florida death metal legende - das beste album seit verdammt langer zeit, kommt im schicken embossed o-card schuber


  1. Centuries of Lies
  2. Violent by Nature
  3. Pain Inside
  4. Visions in My Head
  5. Back on Top
  6. Violence
  7. Inked in Blood
  8. Deny You
  9. Within a Dying Breed
  10. Minds of the World
  11. Out of Blood
  12. Paralyzed with Fear

Playtime: 49:04

Releasedate: 2014

Label: Relapse Records (RR7296)

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