Ticket return – Party.San

Party.Sans – here you’ll find the two options that result from buying a ticket for the 2020 & 2021 festivals. You can either convert your ticket into a voucher for Party.San 2022 which will cover the majority of the expenses for the ticket 2022 or you can have the money already paid refunded. It should be mentioned that only the buyers of the tickets can get their money back – so if you have joined a group order, it is best to get in touch with the person who finally initiated the order for the tickets. If you are wondering why the ticket is not simply being extended to 2022, we have to explain here that the price that we originally calculated for the festival in 2019 could unfortunately no longer be kept. Since we are facing additional costs again, we can unfortunately no longer cushion the price, as planned for 2021. If you get absolutely stuck at one point, please contact ticket@party-san.de

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